The Inspiration

The DJ and His Girl is a “choreopoem” that was performed at our engagement party held at the Artmore Hotel in Atlanta, GA. The wonderful shoutouts expressed in the poem were based on the kind thoughts and heartfelt words of support from several of our family members and closest friends. The mere sentiment of “The DJ and His Girl” has taken on a life of it’s own…as you can tell (i.e. the website, the save the dates, and who knows what’s next)! Perhaps we should Trademark?!? ;-) 

Newly dubbed, the “The DJ and His Girl,” we decided to take our show on the road. We continued our engagement celebration in Philadelphia with a BIG bash with The Cannidas and the rest of our 2-1-5 crew. The DJ & His Girl sure do know how to parrrr-tay! (Notice how we’re now referring to ourselves in the third person). :-)

Okay, now stand up! Hold your head high! Read the poem aloud, emphatically and with great enthusiasm! You are sure to feel like you were there with us…

The DJ & His Girl

Two people who “used to be so cool, laid back and in control. What’s come over you?”

You met, you hung out… you fell in love!

The DJ & His Girl

So many friends, so many well wishes, so many prayers & words of encouragement

His sister, her mama, his boys, her girls….

Our combined thoughts (or emails) make up this tribute to….

The DJ & His Girl

Some are screaming, “Congrats, Mr. & Mrs. Pretty Tony!”

Others are thinking, “They just make my heart smile.”

His sisters are sending sentimental thoughts because their brother is gaining a “wonderful wife & partner,” and Chinnette is gaining a man proven to be ‘a good brother, a great uncle and even better husband-to-be.

DJ &Your Girl,

We are so ecstatic because our China Doll — also known as

“Chell from the Soufside” — found her Barry! Shol iz a blessin’!

The DJ & His Girl

Tony & Chinnette.

Should we start calling you “Tonette”??

We’ve watched you walk together on this journey and have seen the real proof of how God can richly bless.

The DJ & His Girl

The DJ & His Fiancée

His family is welcoming her with open arms

And her mama loves him to death!

All of us are glad, thoroughly thrilled and excited to see where this journey takes…

The DJ & His Girl.

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